Friday, December 31, 2010

Year in Review 2010

Last blog of this year 2010, many things to be thankful for in 2010, first and foremost, I do believe in God and love celebrating Christmas which to me is a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, born to his mother Mary and his father Joseph a carpenter in the town of Bethlehem in Jerusalem. He was raised under God's leadership as they were preparing him for his big role of Christ, but first he had to be persecuted and died on the cross for his beliefs. I have never wrote about this in many years, but because this is my blog and only one follower, doesn't matter, makes me feel good to talk about my beliefs. These are the things we were taught as children and these are the things I teach my Grandson now.

Many other things to be thankful for in 2010.........we have our health and without your health you have nothing!
I am thankful for my sons, for without then, I would not have all these wonderful things to say about people.
I am thankful for my friendships with many people in my life, for they make the road much shorter to travel.
I am thankful for my grandchildren, they bring out the best in us grandparents, doing things we never would do if they were not around. I once rode down a huge hill on a 4 year old kids bicycle and almost killed myself when trying to show my grandson how easy it was....funny now, but you should have seen the look on his face!

Linspan Shelties had a very successful year in 2010, we had a first, a BPIS win with a young male at the tender of six months old. BPIS Ch. Linspans Melodaly Gambler, he took 9 points his first weekend out in Quebec, finishing his Championship in 3 shows, we were thrilled for his owners Dany Therrien of Melodaly Shelties.

We are looking forward to all the firsts in 2011 and wish everyone a very happy New Year and a special mention to a very special woman, who is very dedicated and works so hard on all our stuff for the web, PennyLynn of Ruffleith Shelties.

Linda xo



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